Southern Connecticut State College
1975 Florida Trip
Rick was a great person in the fraternity and at Southern. Someone we all looked up to. It's sad to see he has left us all too soon. And he enjoyed college life!

In 1975 Rick, Steve, Pondo and myself took a road trip to Ft Lauderdale for spring break [In Pondo's vega no less.] . Our sleeping bags were stolen, we were kicked off the beaches for sleeping overnight, and had to crash in someone's room.

While there Rick I were horsing around and he accidently kneed me in the mouth and I lost a tooth. I don't' remember much else. IT WAS A GREAT TRIP!

The pics say it all! I feel lucky to have known him. RIP Rick

Donny 'Abdul' David
12th Pledge Class

Bob Pendolphi ('Pondo' back then), Steve Burnett, Rick Helmrich &
Donny David