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James Martin: 1954 - 1991 Officer Down Memorial Page

Dom Caiafa: 1952 - 2007 Obituary

Bill Pukas: 1952 - 2009 Obituary

Jim Sorenson

Bruce Terrell

Dave Young: 1953 - 2002 Obituary

Ralph Sprague (sp?)

Ned Conley: 19xx - 1990 Died from Lukemia complications about 15 years ago. Ned Conley was a Meriden kid when I first meet him was in elementary school. He was always a nice guy and had many friends growing up. He was always willing to be part of whatever game, prank or party we could think up. He came to SCSU and joined the 31st pledge class. He was the same type of giving person I remembered from Meriden. The Hickory Hill connection is another Meriden brother that grew up in the same neighborhood as Ned and I, Mike Gurzenda (his photo along with his wife is under the "Great Causes" button on the NCO website. Mike was also in the 31st and he put this charity event together. Some brothers like Paul Tarca, Pete Suits, Greg Hannon, Mike Huda, Jeff Connolly and myself have played in the tournament and it is a lot of fun. It always sells out and they use a 27 hole golf course. It is just a small testament to Ned's personality that so many people participate year after year. After the golf they have a large family get together at Mt. Mist YMCA facility in Meriden, loads of fun. Great people! Ned passed away a few years after he graduated SCSU not sure the year, but it was around 1990 of Leukemia. Guzzy started the tournament in his honor soon after and it has become a very successful fund raiser for numerous good cause, predominately children with cancer in the Central CT area. Info can be found here: Ned Conley Open
If any brother wants to donate or play they should reach out to Mike "Guzzy" Gurzenda, 31st Pledge Class at 860.621.7899 Info from Bob Chester

Ed Quirk ?-1993

Jeff Lageunnesse spelled something like that died around 1985..fell off the back porch of a house on 1 way blake street

Phil DiGiovanni - Died on August 29, 1993 of cancer at 44 years old. According to his daughter Danielle, he loved the fraternity and he and his fraternity brothers kept in touch and actually had a reunion shortly before he died

Ed (Buddy) Sokolick: Info needed

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