Everything was destroyed in a fire so anything you have, even pictures of Phi related items would be great to show here. Someone must have a picture of the Phi Banner
Fallstaff dressed for a party
20th Anniversary Invitation from Ric Helmrich
Sir Falstaff of Farnham with a boner
Original Phi Jacket worn by Mark Harrison
Allen House in the background, Frat House with the infamous 'Red Door' (16-18 Farnham Ave). House looks the same today (2012) without the red door
Fallstaff with his dates for the party. Pete Mandras & Carl Bourne
Tom Schachner with classic PAO hoodie. April 87
Fallstaff chillin in the pond at SCSC
Jim Kapral, Jim Martin & Bill Pukas's dog PAO
Dick Fitzpatrick w/ Fallstaff
Frat House (Bat Cave) 1987-1991 located at 305 Blake Street, 1 house away from Harry's Package Store. The Batcave did not burn down. It was torn down many years after the frat was kicked off campus. The house was rugby/football until a bunch of us in the 33rd pledge class that lived there (R.J.Weber, Mike Huda, Rob Spino, Scott Frazer) got in PAO. Then the house gradually transformed into the frat house for about 4-5 years. Many parties in the basement and the back yard.
Sir Falstaff of Farnham, Pete Mandras' St. Bernard. Sir Falstaff was originally Ed Wilson's dog. Pete Mandras inherited Sir Falstaff and then mated him with Brandy
Mike Carbray's paddle from younger brother Mike Kiselica
37th Pledge Class mug presented to the PAO brothers from the Pledges
Submitted by RJ Weber
Symbols on the shield:

Scale: Justice
Chain: Unity/Strength
Book: Knowledge
Lamp: Enlightenment
Bob Huscher's Pledge Master paddle given to him by the 37th Pledge Class
Mark Ritucci's Class Ring
Rick 'Wheels' Synnott
Southern Connecticut State College
23rd Pledge Class Calendar Fall 1979
Phi Artifacts
Paddles care of Rich Altieri. Notice the girl's name on the paddle IS NOT the one he married. Wonder how much he got in trouble on this one?
Invitation to Pledge
Pledge Class Diploma
Clay Delaney's PAO jacket circa 1974-1975
15th Pledge Class Calendar Spring 1975
PAO RAffle Ticket to benefit the 20th anniversary of PAO in 1988. The prizes are sad. The scarier part is what we could have voted to spend the money on. Sent in from Jens Kiss
Mike Carbray with his Super Psyche Button
Mike 'Moon' Carbray
Dave Russell's paddle from Kevin Malady
Rick Lacher
Rick Synnott's paddle from Little Brother Bob McNamara
Pledge Badge
Newspaper Articles
Kevin Dunleavy's paddle for his Big Brother - Rick Lacher. Spring 1973 11th Pledge Class
Rick made the wooden fraternity coat of arms (in the winter of '72) that hung in the Farnham Gardens Frat house.
Kevin painted it on the front of his paddle and on the back is the family tree
It is hard to read being somewhat faded over the past 40 years, but is says-
John Meggs
Norman George
then looks to split for Rich Altieri and Mike Hayes

Under Altieri it looks to be:
Jim Reynolds, then Jim Kapral, then Jim Martin, then Steve Racine
For me, my sponsoring big brother was Mike Hayes, then me(8th), then Kevin Dunleavy (11th), then it goes on to Russ Chisholm and Steve Sawyer
T-Shirt from 1977 Sent in by Ron Longo
Pete Mandras's Paddle from his little brother Ray Lapinski
Original style jacket produly worn by Lud Spinelli
T-Shirt from the early 70's and it still fits! Jim Fulton modeling
Mid 1980's from Darrin Magro