Doug M installation dance date ended up sleeping in his land lords car. His comment was "it was a nice car"

Sir Falstaff of Farnham was Pete Mandras' St. Bernard. Sir Falstaff was originally Ed Wilson's dog. Pete Mandras inherited Sir Falstaff and then mated him with Brandy

Honorary members were Jim Sorenson & Tom Tazza, any others? why were they honorary?

Carl Bourne (Crazy) scaled the outside of Hickerson Hall one Hell Night?

Barry W was held spread eagle outside one of the girls dorms while he was pledging -- can't remember the entire story. Anyone remember this

John M & another brother (Mark M?) got caught streaking one night and got arrested for it
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Southern Connecticut State College
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Lasted 1 month
Hell Night was in parking lot 13
See sample calendar and pledge invite in the artifact section
Bat Drill
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What else did we do?
The women we "Loved" (or tried to)
• Fish Lips
• Marge the Barge
• Vicious Vick
• Marlene the mauler
• Dirty Mary from Allen House
• Mickey Mantle,(thanks to meat head)
• The Garage,( two car garage by the time she was a Senior), so big you could park a car in there
• The Grin who got braces and became the tin grin
• Helen Hot Pants, my date to the installation dance, Helen, Helen, no telling, what she will do when she is alone with you
• Sue Sweat
• Rita the "Peter Eater"
• The Troll Woman
• All the sorority sisters in Zeta Iota Tau (ZIT)
They never got the joke
• "Andy" in FL on Spring Break, mid 70's - great body, not to cute. One brother had no success but another took a shot at her the next night and succeeded
• One of our 'stud' brothers mentioned a girl that he banged in one bed while another brother was in the same room trying to bang another girl. The 'stud' was banging a girl named "Smelly Kelly" because of the odor from her putang. The other brother couldn't get his girl to do anything so he pushed her face towards the 'stud' and told her, "look at them, that's what you should be doing". Names withheld to protect the innocent and marriage...
• Low beams - Had screwed up squinty eyes, but a Great Body
1968 - 1969
Drew Valla

Phil DiGiavanni

Roy Smith

Ed Wilson

1972 (Fall)
Bill Pukas

1973 (Spring)
Carl Bourne

Dom Caiafa

Rich Helmrich

Ed Nadriczny

John Maschi

Jim Cavalieri

Sean Carolan

Alex Trasacco

Tim Geary

Geoff Baldwin

Jim "Zoom" Ziemkowski




R.J. Weber

(might be 19881989??
Rob Spino

Jens Kiss

Dan Winkleman

David Russel
Peter Gallulo (Shoes) & framed photo of John Shea as a Park Ranger

Shoes has just stolen the poster and taken it with him to new Hampshire where he was living at the time

The poster is of brother John " fatty" Shea, he was a park ranger at Rocky Neck State Park while in high school. His mother took the picture and had it made into a poster

We all loved it so much that we stole it from John's apartment and hung it in our apartment. However, since everyone loved the poster so much, it was regularly stolen by the brothers and went from one house to the other. It became a game and the rules were simple: steal the poster and hang it prominently in your place

Whenever brothers came by for drinks, or a party, they could steal it. Also, a brother could enter your place and steal it even thought you were not present. The poster was always fair game and there were some wild schemes put together to steal it and there were also some wild times making the getaway

The key was to display it and do the bare minimum to retain it, but it was just as much fun to have it stolen and then have to go retrieve it. We would take the picture camping, to weddings, on vacation, etc. This continued well into adulthood. The poster has gone missing and has not been seen in 10 years, no one knows where it is

Info provided by R.J. Weber

(Update found on the 2016 Picnic Page)
April 1975 Events Calendar - The comments in here are funny and witty especially if you know the brothers and the background. It was created by Ric Helmrich and added to by BW, JM & MK. We think the initials are for Barry Weiner, Jim Martin & Mike Kiselica
Spring 1974 Fraternity Directory
Newsletter August 1974 by Jim (Rag Man-Marty) Martin
Newsletter 1972 by Dom Caiafa
Paul Tarca related the story that when the 25th class had to carry a shopping cart up West Rock mountain as part of pledging, the brothers were waiting for us at the top. Before the pledge class got to the top, pledge master John Craig got into a scuffle with some guys partying at the top that were not supposed to be there. Big John got them off the mountain by throwing a cinder block through their car windshield
Paul Tarca also remembers going to the frat house on Geoff Terrace, It was always the hot spot on weekends off campus. I can remember paying 3 bucks to attend a 30 keg party.For an extra 5 bucks you could go to the third floor to visit "the doctor"

The "Dr." was a contraption in someones room on the third floor. It was a large funnel with 6-8 surgical hoses coming off it to an oxygen mask. The funnel was filled with bags of weed and was kept lit by a brother with a blowtorch! It cost $5 to get to the third floor. There were always 10-15 people in the room, 5 or 6 waiting to grab the mask from the next person. the window to the room was always open and if you were walking up to the house you would swear the house was burning down! To funny...

As I mentioned this was at the frat house on Goeff Terrace. At that time, Tim Geary was the president, Geoff Baldwin, Ron Longo, Frank Gabrielle I know all lived there. Probably a few others. I got into the frat as a junior. I had played baseball at scsu for 4 years and just didn't have the time to pledge. I hung out with a bunch of Frat guys however and they were always trying to get me to pledge. My junior year my brother Dan attended scsu and I told him it would be a good idea to pledge with my roommate who was a freshman, Pete Suits. They said they would do it if I did it with them so I did. Greatest bond ever, I had that team thing playing baseball but the Phi guys were forever.

To this day we go to Cape Cod every year in August. 40 guys, yes 40! for a golf weekend. This event started many years ago and was a frat/rugby event as many Phi guys played rugby. It has grown to 40 guys over the years and of course there are friends of friends on this trip but it is safe to say there are at least half the crew are Phi brothers. The highlight of the weekend is the rookie naked plunge. any first time golfer on the trip, or any one who misses a year for any reason has to strip down at 5:00 p.m. and run naked into the water. this event is in Wellfleet mass at cahoon hollow beach. Usually 3-5 guys take the plunge. Needless to say not to many miss a year once you go.

Spring 1978 Fraternity Directory
23rd Pledge Class Calendar