Recruiting for the 1st Pledge Class (Fall 1968)
Congratulations to the 1st Pledge Class (Fall 1968)
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(At times we were)
Someone got pissed about something
(Anyone have any background on this one)
Whopper Eating Contest

11/24/12 - Pondo (Bob Pendolphi) and Ric Helmerich remember this event & how the winner went into the bathroom and puked when the contest was over.

Ric added that the "they wouldn't let us drink anything. The first 2 were easy"

Pondo thinks back and said "Ah in the day. Couldn't do it today. If you remember winner went and threw up and
I ordered a couple of hot dogs and fries.

Those of us that knew Pondo are not suprised
Ric found this in a box left in the Garage when he moved 12 years ago
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May 13, 1969
May 13, 1969
Second Pledge Class announcement on February 2, 1969
Second Pledge Class announcemnt on
March 18, 1969
Social Services Announcement on
March 25, 1969
April 1, 1970
April 1, 1970
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October 7, 1966
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