Southern Connecticut State College
THE Golf Outing - 2016
Left to Right: Ed Nadriczny, Jim Kapral, Clay Delaeny, Bill Dolliver, Kevin Dunleavy (white hat), George Barone (Squatting down), Rick Synnott (white shirt in back), Steve Burnett (black shirt), Jim Cavalieri, Mike Carbray, Howie Cooley

Missing players from photo: John Maschi, Bob MacNamara, Tom Farrell & Paul Tarca

Injured but wanted to play: Gary Gilligan

Showed up for food and didn't play: George Barone
Rick Synnott (white shirt) surprised his "little brother" (Bob MacNamara) with the paddle Bob made for Rick back in 1971
The second annual golf tournament known as THE Golf Outing was held on Wednesday, July 13th at the Chippanee Country Club in Bristol, CT

After event was hosted by the "
THE Golf Outing" Chairman & CEO Jim (Kap) Kapral and his very patient wife Judy

Winners this year was the foursome of :
Paul Tarca
Bill Dolliver
Rick Synott
Bob MacNamara

Loser Award -- Clay Delaney -- posted a sparkling 111

2016 Executive Committee:

- Jim Kapral, Chairman and CEO
- Moon Carbray, Chief Retiree Officer, CRO
- Ed Nadriczny, Chief Beer and Cigar Officer, CBCO
- George Barone, Chief Communications Officer, CCO
- John Maschi, Chief Talent Officer, CTO (all players must have John's stamp of approval)
- Official Photographer - Judy Kapral

THE Fucking Cake