Southern Connecticut State College
THE Golf Outing - 2017
The third annual PAO golf tournament known as THE Golf Outing was held on Tuesday July 11th at the Chippanee Country Club in Bristol, CT

16 players and a total of 19 brothers enjoyed a great day in the sun, a fun round of golf and reminiscing old events. Lunch and the cutting of THE CAKE took place at the Club House at Chippanee.

THE Golf Outing" Chairman & CEO Jim (Kap) Kapral hosted the event and was presented an award at the end of the day by Clay Delaney and his silent but mischievous partner in crime, Mike "Moon" Carbray.

Players anticipating (and not disappointed) travelled far and wide to attend this year's event. Representing various parts of the country were: Paul Tarca from Boston MA, Bob McNamara from Milton DE, Tom Farrell from Williamsburg VA & Rick Lacher from Augusta GA

Duffle bags were presented to all participants and special commemorative golf balls were strategically placed (thrown) on the Golf Course for members to find and return to Kap

Winners of the scramble were the foursome (and youngest players) of : Ed Nadriczny, John Maschi, Jim Cavalieri, Kevin Dunleavy.

Group 1: Mike (Moon) Carbray, Jim Kapral, Howie Cooley, Gary Gilligan
Group 2: Paul Tarca, Lud Spinelli, Harvey Bourdeau, Bill Dolliver
Group 3: Bob MacNamara, Clay Delaney, Tom Farrell, Rick Lacher
Group 4: Ed Nadriczny, John Maschi, Jim Cavalieri, Kevin Dunleavy

Others Attending: Rick Synott, Steve Burnett, George Barone
THE Fucking Cake
Top - Kap admires his trophy

Bottom - Clay won the Toilet Bowl award in 2016 for his spectacular score of 111. He returned the favor by presenting Kap his own award
Representing all the players, Clay thanks Kap for his work and presents him with a trophy and golf ball. Clay dressed in PAO colors claimed he bought the outfit ONLY for the day (but we know better)
Kap announces the wining team and compliments the players for their professionalism on the course
About a dozen of these (maybe more) were thrown on the course for club members to find and return to Kap. We are waiting to hear if any are actually returned.
Winning team
Standing in back: Jim & Kevin
Sitting: Ed, Steve & John

Steve did not play but walked the course and provide encouragment to this team. Also opened their water bottles and cleaned off the clubs. Wonder if they would have won if Steve played?
Everyone attending got one of these. Real nice with the PAO emblem. Not the cheap shit you usually get at some tournaments
Mike Carbray in back
Paul Tarca in front
Lud Spinelli
Paul Tarca
Gary Gilligan
Harvey Bourdeau
Rick Synott
Bill Doliver wearing a PAO hat
Howie Cooley
Rick Lacher, Clay Delaney, Bob McNamara & Tom Farrell