Southern Connecticut State College
Holiday Party 2017
Front Row (Left to Right): John Musco, George Barone, Rich Altieri, Clay Delaney, Lud Spinelli
Middle Row: Ed Nadriczny, Gary Gilligan, Steve Burnett, Mike (Moon) Carbray
Back Row: Harvey Bourdeau, Frank Calamaro, Jim Kapral
After all of the bills were paid, we had $100 left over which Ed will use to buy more toys for a toy drive or turkeys and other food items to support a food drive. We are still trying to figure out who was in the empty seat
Pre-Holiday planning party get together
Jim Kapral, Mike Carbray, Howie Cooley
Mike Carbray
Ed Nadriczny
Jim Fulton
Clay Delaney
Howie Cooley, Mike Carbrary & Steve Burentt
Jim & Judy Kapral, Laura & Howie Cooley
Mike & Paula Carbray, Howie & Laura Cooley
Paula Carbray & Clay Delaney
Shirley Burnett & Karin Nadriczny
Vicki & Alex Trasacco
Jim & Joann Fulton
Al & Sue Cosenza