Southern Connecticut State College
The 1970's During & After
Bob McNamara & Ginny
Rick Lacher & Bob McNamara
Ed Nadriczny, Bill Joyce
& Rick Helmrich. Taken in 1978, Bill was 20 years old
Bill Pukas &
Rick Helmrich
Kevin Dunleavy waiting for a good hit
Solid infield with Harvey Bourdeau (yellow), Rick Helmrich (waiting for ball to drop in his glove), Ed Nadriczny (always ready for action) & Bob McNamara not paying attention
Picnic & Softball
Frat Gathering
John Whelan
Jim Fulton picture from late 70's
?, Steve Burnett (yellow hat) & Mark McCahill
Jim Fulton
Kevin Dunleavy
Bob Pendolphi(blue shirt), Ed Nadriczny (cool guy with shades), George Barone
Jim Reynolds, Rick Lacher & Bob McNamara at Jim Sorensen's 2nd wedding. Around 1976
Jim Fulton
& John Whelan
George Jablonski, Tony ? & Norman George
George & Paul Barone
Disco Dancers - Graduating Seniors 1976.
Someone commented that it looks like a porn actor convention from the 70's
Back Row: Bob Pendolphi, Frank Calamaro, Mike Kiselica
Middle Row: Dave Young, Don David, Al Cosenza, Mike Carbray, Barry Weiner
Front Row: Ed Nadriczny, Jim Martin, Kevin Dunleavy, George Barone, John Musco
Summer of 1974 (or 1975) at Ed Nadriczny's (or Frank Samuelson's) we can't remember.
Pictures sent in by
Clay Delaney
Barry Weiner
Don David
Don David & Barry Weiner
Mike Kisellica
Bob (Pondo) Pendolphi
Frank Samuelson
Mike Carbray
Ray Favreau, Paul Barone, Kevin Dunleavy & Rick Lacher