Let me know if any of the names are wrong or if you can help identify anyone in these pictures
Southern Connecticut State College
Pictures 1969-1972
?, Carl Bourne, Pete Mandras
Jim Waterman asleep with his Teddy Bear
Bill Swartz (far left), ?, Barry Weiner performing, ?(guy sitting), ?(guy reaching), ?(guy standing). Photo taken on the 6th floor, Hickerson Hall
Bills Schwartz, ?(guy standing), ?(guy standing), Barry Weiner performing, ?(guy arm raised), ?(guy Southern T-shirt), ?(guy standing)
Pete Mandras, ?, ? at Hickerson Hall
Pete Mandras and Wally Smolen (not a phi brother) - they would have made a cute couple (Hickerson Hall)
Dave Vargo, ?, ?, Tom Tazza (Ed and Tom's dorm room 6th floor Hickerson Hall)
?, Carl Bourne at Hickerson Hall
Jim Waterman, Ed Wilson, Roger Polito (friend not PHI brother), ?
PAO house basement keg party
Howard Cooley and Dom Ciafa (PAO camping trip with kids)
PAO camping trip with kids
Dom Ciafa (camping trip with kids)
Mark Ritucci (Giggles) (camping trip with kids)
Howard Cooley washing dishes (camping trip with kids)
Breakfast - Dom Caiafa (standing with hat), Dick Fitzpatrick (sitting), Mark Ritucci (sitting)
Dick Fitzpatrick, Frat house driveway
Dick Fitzpatrick and Howard Cooley w/ kids before camping trip, (PAO house driveway)
Dave Vargo, Walter Maziarz, Tom Tazza, ? who is who
(Ed and Tom's room, Hickerson Hall)
?, Carl Bourne, Dave Vargo (Ed and Tom's room, Hickerson Hall) - note PAO pledge poster and paddle
Mark Ritucci, John Whelan (driving), ?(guy standing next to red car)
Camping trip w/ kids
Jim Fulton (blue shirt sitting on table), Rich Helmrich (guy smiling), Jim Kapral (guy with PHI Jacket), Carl Bourne (facing camera), Bill Pukas (sitting on table)
(at the park for softball game)
Roy Smith, Paul Bevins
Ed Pawlowski, Drew Valla,
Tony Moura, Mike Bundock
circa 1970
Tony Moura & future wife Fran circa 1969
PHI Party - 1970
Phil Digiovani 1970
George Jablonski (left) &
Carl Bourne. Not sure who the guy is in back (photo bomb?)
Lud Spinelli & Tina
Walt Maziarz & Ellen
Pledge Party 1971
PHI Party circa 1971
Roy Smith &
Norman George 1970