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Al Cosenza Walt Korzik John Whelan Mike Kiselica Gary Zenowitz Rick Helmrich Harvey Borudeau Bob Pendolphi Kevin Dunleavy Jim Sorenson Pete Mandres Jim Martin George Barone Dom Caiafa Ed Nadriczny Rich Altieri Dave Young
Southern Connecticut State College
Pictures 1974-1976
Ed Nadriczny, Kevin Dunleavy and Ed's future wife Karin
Rick Lacher & John Musco
Maria, Bob Pendolfi, Howie Cooley, Jim Kapral
Paul Barone, Al Cosenza, Dom Caiafa, Harvey Bourdeau, James Martin, John Maschi, George Barone, Rick lacher, Mike Carbray. October 1977
Bob Pendolfi, Dave Young, Ed Nadriczny
Bob Pendolfi, Mike Carbray, Frank Samuelson
Karin, Kevin Dunleavy
Howie Cooley, Mike Carbray & Rick Helmrich
6 generations of big brothers. Rich Altieri, Norman George, Jim Reynolds, Jim Kapral, Jim Martin, Steve Racine
Jim Kapral, Rick Helmrich
Karin, Doug Morgan, Mike Kiselika
Dave Young & Doug Morgan
Rick Helmrich, Pete Mandras (by the keg) Dom Caiafa, Bill Pukas
Barry Weiner &
Alan Birnbaum (Holding the child)
John Maschi, Jim Cavalieri
(Future Insurance Exec &
School Principle)
Ed Nadriczny and Karin
Installation Dance 3/8/75
Clay Delaney, Rick Helmrich, Jim Kapral
Installation Dance 3/8/75
Phi service project in Hamden for Goodwill Industries on Dixwell Ave, circa Spring 1976. We were asked to take several hundred bundles of clothes and separate them by gender, color etc - Memory by Frank Samuelson

Back Row: Steve Cantor, ?,?,?,?,? James Martin
Front Row: AJ Presto, John Maschi, Ray Favreau, Pete Wirhun, Mike Kiselica, Frank Samuelson, Ed Nadriczny, Bruce Terrell, Kevin Dunleavy
Press play to start video
August 1990 Phi Party at Rick & Lori Lacher's home in Cheshire CT. Lots of spouses & ex-spouses and kids on this video
Guest appearances by: Kevin Dunleavy, Barry Weiner, Harvey Bourdeau, George Barone, Rick Lacher, Jim Sorrenson, Bob McNamara, Tom Farrell, Ed Nadriczny, Mike Carbray, Dom Caiafa, Rich Altieri, Al Cosenza, Jim Reynolds, John Maschi, John Whelan
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Rick Helmrich, Jim Martin & Fred Remen
George Barone, Chuck May & Becky
Bruce Terrell, Steve Cantor, Pete Wirhun, John Maschi, Pat Legato
?, Alan Birnbaum, Joel Barber, Pat Legato
John Musco & Becky
John Musco & ?, the girl holding her thumbs up is Maura Dunleavy (Kevin's baby sister)
Paul & George Barone
?, Kevin Dunleavy (Squatty), Steve Cantor (We We), Mike Rinaldi (Beta Frat), Mike Kiselica & George Barone

Squatty's middle finger is raised to the photographer (John Musco)
Fall 1974 Flag Football Team
Photo by John Musco ASP, BFD & SOMF
Place mouse cursor over the face to get the name of the player. Clicking will show you a full size image of the photo
Jim Martin & John Maschi
George Barone, Jim Martin & John Musco