Photo's from R.J. Weber
Southern Connecticut State College
St Patricks Day Parade 1990. Marlene (R.J. Weber's wife), Pete Suits & Jason Massa
Pictures 1986-1990
St Patricks Day Parade in New Haven 1990

R.J. Weber & Dave Marro
Tom Schachner with classic PAO hoodie and Jim Goggin at "Springfest" April 1987
Bob Chester & Pete Suits
25th Pledge Class Hell Night. They had to wear coats & ties.
Pete Suits, ?,?,?,?
Peter Gallulo (Shoes) & framed photo of John Shea as a Park Ranger. See the "Brothers Only" page for the significance of the photo.
John Shea & R.J. Weber
Rob Spino & John Shea
R.J. Weber and Rob Spino
This is for all of you that love the Big Daddy for the incredibly nice guy that he is.....We didn't call him the Big Daddy in the old days...we called him FLOCK OF CONNOLLY!

Jim Ziemkowski on left - Jeff Connolly on right